About Smashing Kitchen

For as long as I can remember, I have been a foodie. Cooking has been my passion since I was a young girl preparing fresh meals at home with my mum in Poland. I learned that the best food is made with love and care, and of course fresh fruit and vegetables! Those nights around the dinner table, sharing stories over delicious dishes of home cooked food are some of my favourite memories.

I like to experiment and discover new flavours, at the same time ensuring that plenty of nutrients, goodness and love is packed into my dishes :) It’s very important to me that each of my dishes are full of powerful ingredients, each providing a health benefit, whilst maintaining all their flavour and yumminess!

Smashing Kitchen was born out of this passion, and so my vision is to provide super nutritious plant based dishes which burst with delicious flavour and are good for you.

Smashing Kitchen was born in my home kitchen in Hackney, after cooking endless experimental lunches and dinners for my family and friends, but now it is my dream to bring these dishes to YOU!  ​

I'm inviting you to join me me on this delicious road to healthy vegan food.

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Asia cooking with passion

About me

What can I say? I love food. I. LOOOOVEEEEE. FOOD!! I love good food. And I love healthy plant based food. A tasty meal with friends or family is one of the biggest pleasures of life - and I do strongly believe, you are what you eat. Food is our fuel, so it's crucial to care for our precious bodies and how we feed and nourish them. 
I love to cook, I love to discover new flavours, I love to try and try and try, and taste, and host, and share this love. And I get very excited at the sight of vegetables!
Having discovered the road to health through good nutrition in my thirties, I quickly became completely converted to living a plant based, wholefoods lifestyle. I begun studying nutrition and combining what I learned with creation of delicious dishes.
And boy, trust me, healthy, good quality food, cooked with love and consideration can taste out of this world!  

Smashing Kitchen, just as myself, is exactly about that - DELICIOUS, NOURISHING, PLANT BASED, HONEST, FULL OF LOVE, HEALTHY FOOD

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